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Pushing the limits in Internet technology

I went through an interesting talk by Geoff Huston at the conference (video link). The tone of the talk reminds of another paper I read some time back by Bob Briscoe “Flow Rate Fairness: Dismantling a Religion“. While Bob’s … Continue reading

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Well written article about the current financial crisis by IMF chief economic officer Simon Johnson

This article in The Atlantic discusses the current financial crisis very well. The article criticizes the blind faith people and the goverment have in the financial system and the de-regulatory legislation which happened in the US during the Bush administration. … Continue reading

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Network Neutrality and flow rate fairness

If knowing my stance on Network Neutrality is really important to you before you read further along, I would like to state that I am against Network Neutrality, I think US broadband can do much better and I blame the … Continue reading

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Political Compass Test

On appu’s recommendation I took the political compass test too. Here is where I stand: Economic Left/Right: -1.38 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.59 I too found the test to be fairly comprehensive… however there were still a few questions which I either … Continue reading

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“Illegal franchising” in India – 2/2

I hope you have read my first article on “Illegal franchising” in India. In this article, I will touch about another set of incidents which caught my attention. This is about a public sector company called Eastern Coalfields Ltd. where … Continue reading

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“Illegal franchising” in India — (1/2)

In my two last visits to India, I have had an interesting insight which I would like to share with you. The following incident happened in Summer 2005 when I was coming to India. When coming to India I generally … Continue reading

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