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Case against the filesystem

I think as we are seeing computing trends change with multi-devices, personal storage, backup and professional workflows, filesystems seem to be one odd technology. May be because of that, most tablets and smartphones do away with the filesystem idiom completely … Continue reading

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Touch UI and Tablet devices for power and professional users

Is it only me who feels that the recent introduction of touch based UIs have dumbed down interfaces to a point where something as powerful as touch interface would not be lucrative for pro applications? The idioms used for touch … Continue reading

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Multi-log structured storage layer

I recently had to build an SSD garbage collector which proved to be an interesting and fun exercise. SSD or Solid State Drives are storage devices that promise low latency operations compared to mechanical hard drives which are prone to seek / … Continue reading

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Threadpool/Async vs Multithreading

Threadpools and async IO are all rage these days for writing highly concurrent servers. As far as I can remember this is a relatively new development and a few years ago, highly concurrent servers were written using async IO (without … Continue reading

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Cloud computing APIs and Timeouts

Cloud computing APIs like other system or application APIs have their success and failure modes. However, cloud computing APIs have another failure mode which most system or application APIs don’t have – timeouts. One problem with timeouts is that they … Continue reading

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I am sure that a lot of you live or work in a building which has a battery of elevators to handle intra-building traffic. While I was (ironically) waiting for the elevators, I wondered why do the elevators require people … Continue reading

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(x) amount of RAM should be enough for anybody

Just came across this on coding horror: :). RAM is as good a resource in a computer as CPU time itself. While CPU scheduling can be done in the order of milliseconds (thread context save/restore + CPU cache re-population) which … Continue reading

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