About Me


My name is Ritesh Kumar and you are welcome to my personal blog space. I work on systems related issues at Microsoft Research. I have also had extensive experience in Computer Networking research. I am generally interested in the area of systems programming esp. processes and memory management and language runtimes.

Drop a comment if you like the blog or you wish to chat… 🙂


4 Responses to About Me

  1. Divick Kishore says:

    Hey Dude…how are you? I just happened to land on to your blog…nice blog. See my orkut message…if you have not already. TC

  2. Michael Tindell says:

    Hello, Ritesh. I found my way to your blog by searching on ‘privacy selective sharing cloud.’ I am interested in this area. Would you happen to know who in the Bay Area is doing commercial work on user interfaces to accomplish this (aside from Google and likely Apple)?


    • Ritesh Kumar says:

      Hi Mike, Nice to know you! I pursue this space mainly as a hobby and my lack of familiarity with the Bay area doesn’t help either. However, almost any social networking startup would fall in your category as they all selectively share cloud content. This also includes content sharing sites such as flickr or vimeo. It depends on what you are really looking for. Are you keen on specific types of content or are looking more generally at selective file sharing?


  3. Dida says:

    Hi, please let me know if I can contact you regarding some ALSA with CM6631A chip. I cannot get better samling rate then 48KHz but chip is capable do 192KHz.

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