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Political Compass Test

On appu’s recommendation I took the political compass test too. Here is where I stand: Economic Left/Right: -1.38 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.59 I too found the test to be fairly comprehensive… however there were still a few questions which I either … Continue reading

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RSS ugliness

I find it ironical to post a criticism of RSS through a medium where RSS is so dominant itself but here it goes anyways 🙂 RSS is mainly used for communicating news (more often breaking news than editorials). Hence, timeliness … Continue reading

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Pulseaudio + ALSA Configuration

Okay… if you have read my previous post on ALSA Configuration you will know that I am trying to solve my sound setup problem in linux. The basic problem can be summarized as: Use the sound cards at their native … Continue reading

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ALSA configuration

I recently configured the sound setup on my home computer. The problem was as follows: I have two sound cards 1) intel HDA (inbuilt) 2) usb based iMic. (I needed two because I wanted to have both my headphones and … Continue reading

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